Saturday, December 06, 2008

A comment about comments

The comment box here at SpunkyHomeschool often fills up fast with spirited discussions, debates, and often a bit of sarcastic humor. I wouldn't have it any other way. As suprising at it might be to some, I'm not in the least bit annoyed or offended by the banter, or anyone who decides to comment here. The minute I allow a commenter to make me angry or annoyed, I've lost more than an argument and given a measure of control over to someone I don't even really know. That's just not my way.

That may lead some people to wonder why I subject myself to this on a regular basis? The short answer is that I enjoy a good debate.

But the longer and more important reason is that I value the truth above all else, whether it about a homeschool issue or a national election. Readers' comments allow challenges to what I think is right and true. If I can defend myself against the most strident detractors and not find a gap in my reasoning, then my argument becomes stronger that has value to me. If a detrarctor successfully pokes holes in my argument like swiss cheese, then I’ve learned something even more valuable - I just might be wrong. So comments have never annoyed me, in fact that have strengthened me and at times pointed out weaknesses. I’m truly grateful for both.

This was my attitude when I started my blog and it has served me well. Although at times I may appear stubborn, I'm really not. I'm somebody who studies hard to know what I believe and then is willing to subject myself to scrutiny to know if my research or thinking is accurate and true. I'm sure to some that may appear like I want to be right; and I do. But I value the truth much more than being right.

Other bloggers turn off comments or moderate them and ban those that disagree. That's never been my practice and never will. Avoiding those that see things differently than we do is one of the greatest tragedies of homeschooling and people in general, but at least on my blog I can make sure that we can have a spirited discussion with anyone who chooses to participate and let them know they are always welcome.

So carry on, all's well at SpunkyHomeschool.

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