Friday, November 21, 2008

Weight Check

Concerned about the number of overweight people in Oklahoma, a Democrat lawmaker wants every student, sixteen years and younger, to be weighed, measured, and their BMI calculated - including homeschool kids.
Students in public schools would be checked during the school year. Arrangements would be made for homeschooled students also to be screened, Morrissette said.

However, if parents don't work with school and health officials, the matter could be turned over to the state Department of Human Services for possible investigation, he said.

Unless a parent complies they can be "investigated." So much for probable cause and innocent until proven guilty.

I've heard the illogical rationale for this type of legislation before. It usually goes something like this: If a parent has nothing to hide why would they object to their child being weighed?

Mr. Morrisette calls this a "nutrition bill."

"It is a nutrition bill with a near-zero fiscal impact that has the potential to improve every aspect of life in Oklahoma, as children need to learn at an early age the importance of eating healthy."
Mr. Morrisette needs learn the importance of the Constitution and the Fourth Amendment. Something he obviously failed to learn at an early age.

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