Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Seeing the flip-side

I enjoy reading many different blogs, especially well-written blogs of those that view life from a completely different perspective than I do. I learn much about them and even more about myself; however, finding common ground is rare. In fact, their opinions usually stir up a mini-debate in my own mind about how I might respond but rarely do I comment.

So imagine my surprise when I read Christine Escobar's article at the Huffington Post about liberals and home education and found a bit of common ground. Escobar is a left-leaning homeschooling mom, who was prompted by the "demented" comments of Joy Behar to remind her fellow liberals that being open-minded is supposed to one of their trademarks.
"I think it's healthy for people to see the flip side once in a while. It seems the problem with some folks who consider themselves open-minded, liberal and left-leaning, is that they think you aren't for the people unless you are 100% behind public schooling. That's utter nonsense.

Left-leaning people support the right for men and women to choose marriage, whether they are gay or straight. I support that too. They often support the idea that women's bodies are theirs only and that the government must not make laws dictating their choice to have or not have children. I support that too. So, what's wrong with having the freedom to choose your child's best educational environment?

The spectacle of pro-choice liberals opposing homeschooling has to rank as one of the seven great wonders of the political world.

Escobar's advice about seeing the flip-side might also come in handy now that the holidays are upon us. Parents in a California elementary school are in a feud over Thanksgiving costumes that some find offensive. Both sides seem pretty determined not to give in to the presssure of the other.

And in a nod to political correctness, Florida Gulf Coast University is now limiting holiday decorations. They have renamed their giving tree a giving garden and traded their greeting card contest for an ugly sweater contest. So how long before someone is offended by the term "ugly" and they change it to an "aesthetically challenged" sweater contest?

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