Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The softer side of socialism

Yesterday, while chatting with my staunch Democrat neighbor about the upcoming election he asked, "Are you afraid of what's to come?" His tone was a mixture of anger, frustration, and resignation. I didn't reply right away, instead I asked him what he is most afraid of?

Without any hesitation he said, "The government becoming too involved in every aspect of our lives - socialism. I feel powerless to do anything about it. " Despite, being on the opposite end of the political spectrum, my neighbor's thoughts and feelings echo those of a man at John McCain's town hall in Waukesha, Wisconsin who said,
"I'm mad, and I'm really mad...It's not the economy. It's the socialist taking over our country."
But I really do wonder how mad or fearful either one really is. Don't get me wrong, I see socialism as just as just as incidious as they do, but I question whether most in this nation are really afraid of government controlling their personal lives.

After all, most Americans still educate their children in govenrment controlled schools, transported in government controlled buses, and are fed government controlled lunches at noon. Isn't this just socialism in the worst form?

We get mad when the government take over our banks, but willingly hand over the minds of our children for the convenience of a free government education. Until Americans - democrat or republican - say, "I'm mad and I'm not going to send my children to government controlled schools anymore." I just don't think they're as angry as they want us to believe about socialism.

By the way, in advance of tonights debate where both McCain and Obama are likely to promise us relief from everything that ails us, you might consider reading the speech Davey Crocket gave to Congress after a farmer challenged him about Congress's constitutional authority to provide handouts - It's not yours to give. Read it to your children too.

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