Monday, October 20, 2008

Obama's New Education Ad

It's so warm and fuzzy. Isn't it? Who wouldn't vote for the guy?

Not surprising, Obama does not mention his failed work with the Annenburg Challenge Project in Chicago or that he shared both the same neighborhood and the same very small space with "education reformer" and "domestic terrorist" Bill Ayers. Obama directed nearly 2 million dollars to the Ayers Small Schools Workshop while they shared the same addresss. I guess we're just supposed to believe his rhetoric and not examine his record or his working relationships with admitted communists.

A previous commenter wanted to know how homeschooling might change under Barack Obama. The short answer is, no one knows. He rarely mentions homeschooling when he speaks about education.

However, despite his statement in the ad that "government can't do it all" and his exhortation for parents to turn off the TV and read to their children, I don't think his education policies will be good for parents who choose to home educate.

Barack Obama talks quite a bit about making sure that teachers are "qualified" to teach. That means that we're likely to see increased credentialing to bolster the teachers unions insure that only qualified people indoctrinate teach the next generation of Americans. The future of the United Socialists of America depends on it.

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