Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Obama's cheesy infomercial

It rarely happens, but I actually agree with this LA Times opinion of Obama's stunt tonight,
"There's something cheesy about a 30-minute commercial. One half expects Obama to be introduced by a pitchman in a loud sweater: "But wait, there's more! If you act by Nov. 4, you also get the foreign policy expertise of Sen. Joe Biden!"
Exactly. What can Obama possibly say tonight that he hasn't already said in the last two years? That he was wrong about Iraq? That Bill Ayres was best man in his wedding? That he really wasn't born in the United States and this was all a bad dream? That if he's elected Joe the Plumber will be in charge of all the leaks in the White House?

But obviously we're not going to get any of that. We're going to get flags flown high, families in crisis desperate for a bailout, and Obama empathetically looking into the camera to tell us that he knows exactly how we all feel and that help is on the way.

Ironically, the blessings of America and voluntary contributions have allowed Obama to buy the air time. But isn't there something oddly unAmerican about having someone other than the President appear during prime-time on all the major networks in an address to the nation? He's paid for the right to be there, but he hasn't earned the right to be there. And that's why to me and the LA Times this whole thing seems manufactured.

If you plan on watching tonight, just remember the cardinal rule of infomericals...

If it seems to good to be true, it probably is.

Update: The Associated Press' didn't think Obama had his numbers quite right. "Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama was less than upfront in his half-hour commercial Wednesday night about the costs of his programs and the crushing pressures he would face in office."

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