Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Are you stressed out?

In that last couple of days, I've had a few phone calls from homeschool moms stressed out for various reasons and in desperate need of a bit of encouragement. Why they called me I'll never figure out! Talk about stressed out.

Homeschooling while trying to keep up with all the news this election season has been no picnic for me. (grin) Does recalculating the results of the electoral map count as both geography and math for the day? I didn't think so.

Oh well, if you're in need a a little encouragement or a distraction from the election, you might want to check out the Carnival of Homeschooling hosted by the Cate's at Why Homeschool.

If you need to get out of the house and away from the computer to really break the stress cycle, head on over to Barnes and Noble for a complimentary cappacino. Hurry, the offer ends Friday.

And while your at the bookstore, pick up the Fall issue of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine. In this issue, I talked with Dr. Callahan about his college-prep high school video math program that covers Algebra 1, Geometry, PreCalculus, and Calculus. But if you're not quite at that point in your homeschool, there's plenty of other encouraging articles to keep you going.


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