Monday, September 29, 2008

Tebow Laws

I and my computer have both been ill. After sleeping most of the weekend, I am on the road to recovery. We are not so sure about my computer. But there is a topic that has come up recently in our home and among our homeschool friends: whether homeschoolers should be allowed to participate in high school sports teams.

My two sons love to play basketball and would like to test their skills on a high school team. But we're not going to go that route because of the added restrictions it would impose upon us. There are homeschool sports leagues forming in our area that will have both a football and a basketball team. My sons will participate in the basketball team. But exposure to college scouts isn't as likely; so many families opt out of homeschooling in high school and allow their children to go to public school so their children, especially sons, can play sports.

Thanks to the success of Tim Tebow, a homeschooler who played football and went on to win the Heisman Trophy, many states are attempting to pass "Tebow Laws" which would permit homeschoolers to play on a public sports team. According to ESPN, 24 states allow homeschoolers to participate in some extracurricular activities.

Despite getting a little bit of grief from my sons, we're not in favor of the laws because of the addeded restrictions to homeschooling such laws may bring. The counter argument is that playing on a sports team is a "right," because we pay taxes and should be able to participate even if we don't attend the school.

Would you support laws that allow homeschoolers to play on sports teams? If there is no law in your state, would you permit your son to drop homeschooling in order to play on a high school team? And if you had a highly talented son like Tim Tebow, would you consider moving to a state that allowed homeschoolers on sports teams?

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India Melodies said...

Even with Common Core concerns, we are considering enrolling our sophomore son to play soccer on the local high school team. I really would prefer him to play on the homeschool league team, but even the cost of that is prohibitive for us. I am concerned that he has an opportunity to be salt and light among those of his generation who do not have a clue about walking with Jesus. This could be an opportunity to share his life, testimony and faith. Of course, he has to play soccer well, too! We are still on the fence and praying. Thanks for letting me ramble.