Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Proabortion and the Roe Effect

A few readers, either by email or in the comments, took exception to the use of the "hateful" term "proabortion" in my post Born to Die. That post discussed the Canadian doctor who publically worried about Palin's example of carrying a Down Syndrome baby to term and giving birth because it may cause other women to do likewise and thereby reduce the number of abortions. Reader Nance commented,

"So the possibilities are:

(1) applaud the choice to have a Down's Syndrome baby or

(2) be labeled "proabortion.

"That's it? There are not other possibilities in your worldview? I don't know the doctor you've labeled in this post. He may be a horrible human being. But isn't it just a bit disingenuous to slap that odious label on all of us in favor of choice? Or maybe you only meant to call this one particular doctor this nasty name?

To which I reply: If abortion is not odious and just a choice of the mother and her body, then the term pro-abortion isn't odious either; it's just a choice of this writer and her blog.

Does anyone else get the idea that abortion is the central issue of this election among many voters, especially women?

The buzz in the hair salon yesterday was the election, Palin's nomination, and Obama's Illinois record on infant's born alive. Surprising for me, I didn't even say anything; they already knew all about it. More evidence of the Roe Effect?

One thing is for certain, ads like this one by Gianna Jesson are going to make the abortion issue even harder to ignore.

UPDATE: Milehimama created an excellent image that sums up the issue quite nicely.

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