Monday, September 08, 2008

Gaffe Watch Central

We interrupt this blog for a live Gaffe Watch Update.

Every liberal blogger and those in the elite media seem to be on Palin Gaffe Watch with a fervor that rivals the attention given to Hurricane Gustav before the Republican Convention. Yet, Palin seems to be thriving under the intense scrutiny and Gaffe Track Radar is showing that the real storm may be brewing in the Obama camp. Palin seems to have thrown their campaign into a state of chaos, the likes of which we haven't seen since the evacuation of Hurricane Katrina. Add to that the woes of his Celebrity-in-Chief, Oprah Winfrey, and we may end up with a category 5 storm on the horizon, revealing that maybe God isn't really on the Democrats side after all.

The Palin watchers are trying to create a big storm out of Palin's first "gaffe" that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are not public, but private companies. Since this is Palin's first gaffe we'll name it, Hurricane Baraccuda, and call it a category 2 at the moment. Like Palin, most people thought that Fannie and Freddie were public companies too and once the Bush bailout happens, they soon will be. So what difference does a few weeks make?

But Obama seems more than a bit rattled by the attention being paid to Palin, giving opportunity for a few gaffes of his own. The conservative blogosphere is seizing the moment and making a big deal out of Obama inadvertantly referring to his "Muslim faith" in a question on "This Week" with George Stephanopoulos. Currently this storm, Hurricane Faith, is a category 3, which is gathering in intensity and could be upgraded shortly given Obama's admission that he was too flip in his "above my paygrade" response to Pastor Rick Warren, Biden's admission that life begins at coneption, and the loss of two allies in the media who would have cleaned it all up and told us all what they really meant to say.

Gaffes are never a good thing and bound to happen when you speak as much as the candidates, but the hope is that you can recover from them quickly. With less than 60 days until election day, it may come down to who makes the least costly gaffe. It's anyone's guess who recovers with only minor damage and who drowns in an ocean of their own words.

Rest assured, the gaffe watchers will be on the scene to provide you with all the latest coverage. So batten down the monitors, gas up your Starbucks card, and get ready for the the final months of this long election season.

This is Spunky, reporting live from Gaffe Watch Central.

We now return to regularly scheduled blogging.

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