Friday, September 26, 2008

Compulsory investing

In in remarks prepared for a speech, Barack Obama said the following about the federal bailout,

[I]f American taxpayers finance this solution, they should be treated like investors. That means Wall Street and Washington should give every penny of taxpayers’ money back once this economy recovers."
For Obama to say that we are "investors" implies voluntary cooperation. What if I don't want to "invest?" Only someone who views our money as his money, would think that we are all "investors" in this debacle. And just when does this economy recover, Senator Obama? I'd like to know when I can look for a return on my investment, with interest of course.

It's not just bailing out Freddie and Fannie that Obama would like us to invest in either. In the same speech, he proposed a two billion dollar Global Education Fund "to erase the global primary education gap by 2015."

Amazing. After decades of compulsory investing in public education in the United States, we haven't ended the education gap, but elect Obama and give him two billion dollars and he'll make the whole world literate in just seven years!

And because Obama can multi-task, he would like us to invest in mosquito nets around the world and eradicate malaria by 2015; and at the same time invest in a global "Health Infrastructure" that trains medical professionals around the world and "gives them incentives to stay there."

The world is Obama's kingdom, and our wallets are his piggybank to invest as he desires.

(Why do I have the sudden urge to start sing, "He's got the whole world in his hands?")

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