Sunday, September 14, 2008

The ABC's of Homeschooling

CBS Sunday Morning did a fairly lengthy segment on why many parents homeschool and its growing popularity among non-whites. The tag line for the show, "Today's Model Of Personal Education Is Not Your Grandmother's Home Schooling."

My favorite quote,

"It sounds like a wonderful ideal," Smith said, "but you did have to sacrifice?"

"Of course," Robinson said.

"Here's a child who takes cello, who play soccer, who's a boy scout," she said. "And they wanted him to be a thug and wear his pants under his behind, because of the color of his skin."

Homeschooling has allowed her son to rise above the stereotypes in school and at the same time allowed his proud mother to rise above them in the community. Nothing will bring reforms in public education quicker than homeschooling in the African-American communities across our nation.

(HT: Daryl)

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