Thursday, August 14, 2008

Another California Ruling

Homescholers who use Christian-based curriculum will want to listen up. While the 2nd California Court of Appeals ruling is getting lots of attention, there is another federal ruling that could cause homeschoolers some headaches;
"A federal judge ruled Friday that the University of California is permitted to reject certain Christian curricula as inadequate for meeting admission requirements.
The University of California (UC) system has decided that high school students who use certain Christian textbooks will not be considered to have taken the requisite courses necessary for admission to the University."
The disputed curricula includes textbooks from two of the largest publishers of materials to homeschoolers, Bob Jones and Abeka. How this ruling affects homeschool admissions into the university remains uncertain. But if texts used by a Christian school are rejected, the same textbooks used in a homeschool environment seem likely to be rejected.
"Jennifer Monk, the plaintiff's lawyer, condemned the decision as a threat to the religious freedom of Christian education. "It appears that UC is attempting to secularize private religious schools," she said. "Science courses from a religious perspective are not approved . . . if it comes from certain publishers or from a religious perspective, UC simply denies them."
The case will be appealed to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals and could go to the California Supreme Court. I first blogged about this case in August of 2005 and then again in February of 2006. Stay tuned, but it may be a while before this is finally resolved.

Text of the ruling is here. (PDF)

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