Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Question About Preschool

From my inbox,
Hey there, I came across your website a few months ago after I typed in “classical reschool lesson plans” into my google toolbar. I have really enjoyed your insights and information. My husband and I have been reading all we can about classical education and how beneficial home schooling is for our children. We have twin boys who are 3 and a daughter who is 14 months and we live overseas in East Asia . What ages is the Tapestry of Grace curriculum for? What do you suggest/recommend for
Thanks for your questions! I get asked about Tapestry of Grace quite a bit. I have written a complete review here.

The curriculum begins at the kindergarten level, Early Grammar, and continues all the way through high school, Rhetoric. Tapestry of Grace is designed in a four year cycle, advancing through the levels as you move through World History and Literature from a Christian worldview. We have completed three of the four years. We will be doing Year Three, the 1800's this fall. I began using the curriclum after my older five children were beyond the early elementary years; so I don't have much experience using Tapestry at the Early Grammar level. But that will change this year.

I have an almost five year old daughter, Elaina, who can read books with simple words. I will be using the Early Grammar Tapestry with her; but I will probably slow the pace down a bit. Tapestry does not have a specifically preschool level. Many of the Early Grammar books are great read alouds for younger children, but it isn't necessary to invest in a complete curriculum to find such quality books. However, when they are a bit older, Tapestry of Grace is an excellent choice.

Since Elaina is seven years younger than her next sibling, I've been out of the preschool stage for a quite a while. Currently, we're using the books and curriculum we have around our home, which include: Five In a Row, Sonlight Phonics, and beginning math skills using every day objects. Somewhere between birth and now she learned to write her letters, I think I have her older siblings to thank for that because I don't remember teaching her. She also does bible time and memory along with the others. All that takes very little time out of her busy little day. She fills the remaining hours with painting, drawing, coloring, singing, "practicing" her violin and piano, and whatever her little hands find to help mom with in the kitchen. That's what we've called preschool.

What do (did) you do for preschool? All suggestions for early elementary are welcome, especially if you're experienced with curriculum centered around the classical model. I'd love to know what people like for early elementary math.

Websites suggestions are welcome too. Kendra's website, Preschoolers and Peace is a great resource.

What an awesome experience to homeschool in East Asia. It takes a special mom to homeschool twin boys over seas! Any advice from experienced homeschooling moms of twins or homeschooling overseas would be probably be helpful too.

I'll be gone for the weekend. Away from life, children, Wi-Fi, and Starbucks, but I'm looking forward to every minute.

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