Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Humble Address to the Nation

My fellow Americans, we face many great challenges in America. However, I believe the single greatest challenge we may face is finding a qualified candidate for President. I long for a person who possesses the necessary credentials to lead our country away from the evils of terror abroad and from the evils of socialism here at home.

Amazingly, our Constitution allows any natural born citizen who has lived in the United States for fourteen years and celebrates their 35th birthday to become President.

How can this be? A person isn't even considered qualified for a teaching position in the Detroit Public Schools with those credentials. And soon you may not even be qualified to teach your own children either! Nevertheless, you are considered qualified to lead the whole nation with the simple passage of time.

To our founding fathers, this made perfect sense. Few credentials afforded the common man the opportunity to lead and prevented the tyranny of an aristocracy. Sadly, an attitude of ambition formed by an elite education has created a new type of aristocracy. An aristocracy where knowledge and arrogance reign supreme; yielding leaders who have become wise in their own eyes and who believe they must choose what is best for us -- from the light bulb we put in our homes to the language we put in our heads. A sly tyrant who uses the power of taxation to manipulate personal behavior, redistribute wealth, and deny personal freedom.

What shall we say then? Shall we continue to allow mediocre people possessing a form of knowledge but denying the Constitution to rule over us? May it never be!

In recent years, our leaders have called our nation's schools to meet higher standards. I believe what is good for the student, is good for the leader. We must demand a higher standard for those who seek to lead us. We must demand leaders who esteem the Constitution more highly than personal ambition. I'm not seeking to revise our Constitution but to return to the standard of humble wisdom envisioned by our founders.

I call on the great people of this country to leave these men behind and demand candidates who understand that they are not the savior, but the servant of the people.

After all an election is a terrible thing to waste.

Thank you and God Bless.

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