Wednesday, June 04, 2008

NEA Endorses Obama

Why am I not surprised by this endorsement by Reg Weaver, President of the NEA?
"It's now apparent that Senator Obama has secured the necessary number of delegates to win the Democratic nomination," Weaver said. "With such a clear picture of what Senator Obama will do for public education and his commitment to partner with NEA on issues that affect our members across the country, every public school employee needs to get squarely behind the Obama candidacy."
The education platform of Barak Obama is the typical expand and spend rhetoric that most homeschoolers fight against because it increases federal control over all types of education. Obama promotes tracking students' progress to measure readiness for college and work and a requirement that "all schools of education to be accredited." Both of these policies would definitely be a thorn to homeschoolers if enacted.

John McCain's education platform appears to be a bit more general. He does speak quite about school choice for parents, but without providing anything specific he really doesn't say a whole lot. Education doesn't seem to be a priority for him, which could actually be a good thing if he manages to beat Obama.

Actually, education policy doesn't seem to be a big campaign theme this year for any of the candidates. Maybe now that the general election campaign is underway we'll get a better glimpse of what these two men have in mind for our children.

I often learn the most from those that think the least like me; so, if there are any Barak Obama or McCain supporters out there who believe their choice is the best one for homeschoolers, I'd love to hear why. And to the rest of you, I just have to ask,

Has there ever been a more dismal choice for President of the United States?

Update: Barak Obama gave a speech on education recently in Colorado. The title was "What’s Possible For Our Children." Any time a politician starts talking about "our" children I get more than a little nervous. You can read the full text here.

Education Week provides useful analysis of both Obama and McCain. In the summary of McCain, there is a brief mention of homeschooling as one of several education options to promote competition and improve schools.

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