Wednesday, June 25, 2008

In Defense of Homeschooling

Sometimes homeschooling advocates are a little over zealous in their defense of homeschooling; as a result, they potentially do more harm than good. Such might have been the case when the LA Times captured this quote from Rev. Wiley Drake at the appellate court rehearing regarding homeschooling in California.
"The Bible, our legal document, says the family is required to educate children based on the Scriptures," Drake said. "We're against government schooling in any form. People who put their kids in public school probably should be arrested."
If the LA Times quoted him accurately, this is exactly the sort of statement that the moonbats on the left like to use to portray homeschoolers as wingnuts that need to be regulated in order to protect our children from becoming wingnuts. Thankfully, Drake was outside the courtroom on Monday.

However, Debbie Schwarzer, Legal Co-Chair of the Homeschooling Association of California, was inside the courtroom and recapped the day's events,

"The arguments were long (two and a half hours in a hot courtroom) and thorough. he judges asked lots of questions, with some consistent themes. As soon as you thought you had one judge pegged as to how he or she was thinking, he or she would ask another question that made you wonder about your prior conclusion. They were reasonably generous about letting people finish their presentations or points even if they ran over a little on time.

"Some of the attorneys presenting made wonderful arguments that we loved. Others were potentially damaging. Most of the folks on our side did a really good job. One woman from Munger Tolles, who represented CHEA in our joint brief, made a presentation on behalf of all three groups and did very well. It is absolutely impossible to predict how the court will rule on this -- whether it will be narrow, sweeping, or something entirely different, and we don't want to feed any rumor mill. It's just too hard to read those tea leaves, although I am sure some people will

The court's decision is expected by late September. In the meantime, Schwartzer encouraged homeschoolers to
"keep on doing what they've been doing, to keep showing the world a positive image of homeschooling, to educate their friends and neighbors about homeschooling, and to stay informed."

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