Sunday, June 29, 2008

Stealing A Father's Estate

According to the Denver Post, all it took was one allegation of abuse for 8 year old Josh Raykin to be snatched away from his home by state social workers who claimed to have his best interest in mind.

Josh spent a week with an Aurora foster family that required the Jewish kid to pray to Jehovah at each meal. They took away the Pokemon toothbrush and stuffed toys that his mom had packed for him. They shut off his shower after five minutes. And most days, he says, they made him wash toilets with a washcloth.

For one sleepless week, the Raykins made phone calls, met with lawyers and sat in Josh's room "taking turns breaking down." Human Services refused to allow them even one phone call to tell their only child they loved him, were fighting for him and would come for him soon.

Joshua has since returned home after a judge ruled that there was no inappropriate activity takng place, but he continues to have nightmares two months later.

Josh's mother and father both grew up in the former USSR. Josh's mother Melanie Raykin lamented,
"We live, we work, we're quiet, we pay taxes. We came from such a hard world to be free in a country where, just like this," says his mom, snapping her fingers, "they can grab your kid away from you right off your street."
Citing confidentiality, county spokeswoman, Nichole Parmelly, refused to comment on the specifics of this case saying,
"We only remove the child from the home when we believe or know to be true that staying in the home is not in the best interest of the child,"
These social workers obviously studied well when they were in college. Arthur Calhoun's book A Social History of the American Family, published in 1919 and widely used as a social service textbook set the stage for what happened to Josh and where we're currently headed as a nation,

"The family goes back to the age of savagery while the state belongs to the age of civilization. The modern individual is a world citizen, served by the world, and home interests can no longer be supreme. Children need not grumble if much of their father's estate goes to social purposes."

As Josh was being led away from his home, he screamed, "Leave them alone. They're the best parents in the world." Little Josh was about to learn that to some in this country, the state is the really best parent in the world and he has no place to grumble when they steal his father's estate.

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