Friday, June 13, 2008

Homeschoolers and McCain

While the Homeschool Legal Defense Association waits to see if Obama responds to HSLDA's request not use the name Joshua Generation for their youth outreach, Farris is also lamenting the lack of attention John McCain is giving him and Generation Joshua (GenJ). GenJ was very involved in swing states to re-elect Bush four years ago, but according to Farris,
"We don't feel invested in his [McCain] candidacy and he clearly doesn't feel invested in us."
According to the McCain campaign, they will seek support throughout the evangelical community. "We're not taking that vote for granted," said McCain spokeswoman Crystal Benton. "We will continue our aggressive outreach into the community."

Ignoring conservative homeschoolers wouldn't exactly be a brilliant campaign strategy for McCain, but it wouldn't surprise me. Might it have something to do with the fact that HSLDA-PAC endorsed Huckabee in the primary and Farris publically campaigned for him, but they have not yet endorsed McCain in the general election?

And quite possibly it could be because Huckabee (a bit presumptuously) is claiming to be a man who started a movement and "his Army" is sticking with him to put pressure on McCain to pick him for VP? But given that Huck accepted a comfy spot at Fox, that's looking less likely.

I don't feel invested in John McCain; and quite honestly, a call from McCain to Farris isn't likely to change that.

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