Thursday, June 19, 2008

Facebook Says 'Yes' to Homeschoolers

The world would go on just fine if this announcement had never been made, but for 1000's of homeschool kids it has now become easier to join the popular social networking site, Facebook, without compromising the verification process or site security. From the Facebook Blog,

Back in September 2006, we decided to open up Facebook to everyone. Well, almost everyone.We realized Facebook would be most useful if more people were allowed
to join, but we also weren't willing to compromise the security of the site by removing all methods of verification, especially for high school students and minors. Unfortunately this meant that most homeschoolers weren't able to register. For security purposes, users under the age of 18 were required to affiliate with their current high school, but it was nearly impossible to extend this system to homeschooled users.

We've been working on ways to solve this—we want minors to use Facebook safely above all. Today, we're happy to announce that we've recently come up with a way for homeschoolers to join. We've created a new verification system—one that doesn't depend on being in a high school, but still provides the level of security we believe is required. So welcome, everyone, to Facebook.

I'm happy to see that this case of "discrimination" was resolved peacefully without a public outcry for boycotts and letters from lawyers demanding our rights. You can find my Facebook profile here.

And since we're in a celebrating good news here today, I'd like to say a public thank-you to whoever let their ownership of expire. That URL was snatched up by a squatter long before I ever thought I'd need my own domain. I guess my year long sabbatical dried up the meager revenue stream from google ads and they let it go. But it's mine now. I'll be moving this site there eventually, but that will require more time and expertise than I currently possess. If anyone has any tips to make the transition a smooth one, please let me know.

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