Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Baby Borrowers

Parenting is an eye-opener; so NBC has come out with a new reality TV show beginning tomorrow night, The Baby Borrowers that makes unmarried teens instant parents to give them a dose of real life. The show's intent is to teach teenagers how hard it is to parent with the hope that they'll delay parenting until they're ready. But what parent in their right mind would "loan" their child to another child to teach them that life lesson? The parents are able to watch from monitors and intervene if necessary.

Watch the video trailers. In Where's Happy Baby, one mother lays down the law and scolds the teen couple for their failure to parent properly at bedtime; telling the teen parents that the baby has bonded and they need to "suck it up and solve the need." Yet, the mother has just loaned her baby out who needs her comfort not some teen in training. Another mother intervenes when her baby has not been fed all day; she admonishes the teen that life's not about her any more it's about her baby. But that's not her baby and the teen knows it and so does the baby. Someone should be scolding the real parents of these babies, not the TV teens! After all life is not about them anymore. What life lesson are they teaching their own babies and toddlers?

My husband and I turned down an offer for Wife Swap, but giving up my child to a teenager rises to new levels of absolute idiocy. I'm just scratching my head at what people will do for a little fame and some extra cash. It is important for teens to learn how to be responsible parents, but that happens in a home under their own parents' guidance, not on a reality show that is anything but real life.

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