Tuesday, January 08, 2008

What does it all mean?

Now that Huckabee has won Iowa, McCain has won New Hampshire, and Romney has earned the most delegates, and Hillary beat Obama, the pundit class is buzzing about what it all means and what the candidates have to do to win? Obviously I don't know and won't pretend that I do. I don't think anybody knows. (But that won't stop others from pretending that they do.)

But one thing that is certain is that the Michigan primary is next week, which means they've all turned their attention to my home state. And for me, and others, that means we're going to get an up-close look at the candidates and a chance to make our voice heard in the political process. For me it could be REAL close.

As a blogger, I've been given a press pass to a summit this weekend that is going to feature most of the major Republican contenders. (This blogging stuff sure can make life interesting!)

To help conservative Republicans decide the Americans For Prosperity has put together a one-day Michigan summit with the Republican candidates. The good news is they're encouraging families to come. They have made it very affordable and included lunch in the admission price.

We’re bringing together some of the nation and state’s leading free-market voices just three short days before the Michigan primary – some of the confirmed speakers include presidential candidates U.S. Senator John McCain and Governor Mitt Romney, ABC 20/20's John Stossel, The Wall Street Journal’s Steve Moore, the Mackinac Center’s Michael LaFaive, State Representative Jack Hoogendyk, and the Michigan Chamber of Commerce's Richard Studley.

All the Republican candidates have been invited. Duncan Hunter will also be there. Ron Paul will be speaking via satellite. Fred Thompson and Mike Huckabee are still uncertain. This is a family event. So if you're in the Detroit area, this is your chance to hear the candidates and let your voice be heard as well. The cost is $29 for general admission, students are $15, family admission is $59. Details here.

There's also a possibility that I might be a panelist on two of the break-out sessions, Value Voters and Grass Roots Activism. If you live near the metro Detroit area or can get here, Saturday should be a very interesting day.

And if you can't make it to Michigan but are looking for a way to get your children educated in the political process and conservative ideas, check out the Madison Youth Project. Their online academy is starting this month and for the cost of a membership ($25) you can sign up for one online class. They are currently offering, “The Elements of Freedom,” and “Founding Fathers and Founding Documents.” You can get all the details here.

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