Thursday, January 17, 2008

Spunky Meets Mitt

From the front page of our local paper, my daughter Elaina and I shake hands with Mitt Romney and his lovely wife, Ann. It was fun to meet Romney, but he didn't convince me to vote for him. He did manage to win the votes of 3,832 of my neighbors. I was one of the 319 who voted for Thompson, but I'm still considering Paul for the general election. For more about the event you can read my post here.

I'm getting a few emails from readers who are having trouble finding all my articles on Huckabee, they are linked below. A few others have wondered if I contacted HSLDA before I wrote these. Yes, I did. It was a very pleasant conversation with a gentleman who enjoys a good political discussion as much as I do. Interestingly, he praised Huckabee's position on the UN, but had little knowledge of the IBO and Huckabee's legislation that allowed the UN backed program into Arkansas schools. (See Part 4) I have not talked to them since publishing my articles. If you're interested in the HSLDA aspect, the posts about Ned Ryun's may be of particular interest to you.

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Part Two. Huckabee and state reform
Part Three. Huckabee and federal policy
Part Four. Huckabee and global citizenship
Huckabee responds
Ned Ryun's statement on homeschooling.
Ned Ryun's statement on HSLDA.

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