Friday, January 11, 2008

If not Huck then who?

The Washington Times had an interesting editorial about how US history is no longer being taught in our nation's schools. This wasn't news to me and this editorial reminded me once again why the next election is so important. International standards are invading our schools, global citizenship is replacing national citizenship and common morality is replacing absolute Truth. Our next president will either stop this trend in education or continue our march toward globalization. Huckabee has already demonstrated where he'd take us - global not local. That's not the way for me.

Speaking of Huckabee, I listened to a live interview this morning on a local radio and if his homeschool compromise and the IBO, had not already decided it for me, his insistance that the 30% Fair Tax is only a 23% tax grated on my mathematical ears. I also want to know if my children get a prebate too? They all purchase many of their own items from their own income (not allowance) and a national sales tax adds significant costs to their purchases. My son purchased a violin last year that was over $1000 dollars with the fair tax that would have added another $300 to his costs! Don't tell me this tax is fair to him if he doesn't get a prebate too!

Add to that Huckabee's economic populist rhetoric (government doesn't create jobs, Governor Huckabee) further established why Democrat Governor Strickland of Ohio lavished praise upon Huckabee and called him "almost liberal." Huckabee does sound liberal when he talks about how government must help because people are not helping their neighbor on their own. He said at one campaign stop in New Hampshire,

"I dream of the day when we are doing such an efficient and effective job of taking care of our families and our neighbors that the government can do what it does best -- and that's protect us, not have to provide for us,"
For a man of faith who believes God can turn "5 loaves and 2 fish" into a winning campaign, he certainly demonstrates little faith in the good Lord's ability to feed our nation without government assistance! Ironically, how does Governor Huckabee want to show his thanks to homeschoolers who are some of the most efficient and effective at taking care of their families? By offering "assistance" to homeschoolers! Does Huckabee really want us taking care of our own or not?

So Huck's out, but who's in? That's the question many are asking in Michigan today.

I've never met so many people, so undecided, so close to a primary.

Tomorrow's Defending the Dream Summit should be exciting and informative and may help me decide. I'm still researching the other candidates and already know Guiliani is definitely not the guy for me. That leaves McCain, Romney, Paul, and Thompson. I like Duncan Hunter but I'm also a realist. Hunter's got a future in politics, just not in the next election. Paul and Thompson have my attention at the moment because they appeal to my strong conservative side. Michigan state homeschool director, Dennis Smith, made an interesting case for Romney and Mary Pride has come out for Ron Paul, but I'm still not sure. Dana at Principled Discovery, hasn't decided which camp she's in either, but had this to say in my comment box,

Phooey on all of them...I like Thompson even better now.

I couldn't watch the debates, not actually having television, but Thompson has Huckabee's programs pegged. Finally! (I haven't decided whom I am voting for, but I've always like Fred, despite some disagreements on some things. And I'm not giving up hope that he might possibly still be in the race when it finally comes to NE.) (In the comment Dana, links to this You Tube)

There's homeschoolers for every candidate out there. I've heard from Huckabee, Romney, and Paul fans quite a bit. But Dana's comment has me wondering if there are Thompson fans who are just waiting to see if he sticks out until their state's primary? Similar to Dana, the pundit class is buzzing about his strong debate performance in South Carolina and makes them wonder if he's not the sleeper in this race.

I don't know!

But what I do know, is that I have to decide by Tuesday! Any thoughts you can share to put me in someone's camp by Tuesday will be strongly considered and appreciated.

As a side note, a Michigan pollster Steve Mitchell, just said on the radio news that the current polls are showing McCain with a strong lead over Romney, with Huckabee, Guiliani, and Paul fighting for third place. More details will be out later today.

UPDATE: My first blogging buddy, Anne in Hawaii, has decided and put her ballot in the mail. Last night's debate seemed to seal the deal for her.

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