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From Hope to Betrayal

I wrote my posts on Huckabee based on my own research. But this editorial from from Arkansas homeschooler and former legislator Jim Holt supports what I have written. Huckabee betrayed homeschooolers in Arkansas,

Is Huckabee pro-home-school, as home-schoolers claim ?

The media has reported the reason Huckabee does so well, with so little money, is because home-schoolers empower him.

Surely not.

I'm a home-schooler, and I know Huckabee actually signed Act 1117 in 1999. This law made Arkansas the first state in the nation to strengthen homeschool laws, empowering the state over the parents. After all, children DO belong to the state. Don't they ? Huckabee claims that it was a welcomed compromise. Not true. He could've vetoed it. But he caved to institutional pressure.

Jim Holt is a former state senator from Springdale, Arkansas. He began his first term in the 2000. His article also talks about his disagreement with Huckabee over tuition scholarships for illegals. It's definitely worth a read.

His sentiments are supported by a note I received from an Arkansas school teacher,

I just got on your blog tonight and was very pleased. I'm a teacher from Arkansas (an evangelical, conservative Christian) who wants desperately to warn homeschoolers (as well as everybody else) about Huckabee. However, your article "Huckabee and Homeschoolers" contained much of the info I would have shared.

Another teacher friend and I originally strongly supported Huck when he first ran for Lt. Gov. She and I had already spent years educating legislators about the problems with Outcome Based Education and some of the disastrous laws they were enacting in Arkansas. Before Huck was elected, he said all the right things to the conservatives who were concerned about education. However, when he assumed the governorship, his vows to the conservatives were tossed in the trash. He's enacted every socialist, government-controlled, stifling law and regulation possible.

I have friends who homeschool, and Huck, with his focus on testing, caused them a lot of stress. Believe me, Huck is not a friend of homeschoolers, and many of my friends and I have wondered why the national homeschool organization did not do more research about his positions and history in Arkansas.

I read many of the comments to your article, and it's unfortunate that so many take Huck at his word. He is one of the most gifted speakers I've ever heard, and that's why so many of us first supported him. Unfortunately, he disappoints on many, many levels. I worked to help get him elected and even served on his transition team. Within six months I ( and most of my conservative friends and the teachers with whom I worked) was devastated at what I saw of his policies and appointments.

Probably the most outrageous action he attempted as governor was that he actually tried to pass a regulation/law that would allow him to appoint all the school superintendents in the state. He tried to consolidate schools up to approximately 1600 students, even small schools that had excellent standardized test scores, and this action caused many students to have to ride buses as much as four hours a day.

I know much of this does not specifically concern homeschoolers, but I believe that his actions in other areas of education should warn homeschoolers that he could be very dangerous if elected.

Iris Stevens
Jonesboro, Arkansas

Parent and local control were both undermined by Governor Huckabee in favor of state oversight and control. Are we going to let him do the same thing at the federal level? If my posts on Huckabee seem like "over kill" it's simply because I've been consistently getting emails telling me that I don't understand Arkansas politics and that I've misrepresented Huckabee. Apparently, the one who is misrepresenting his record is Mike Huckabee.

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