Monday, January 21, 2008

A Few Announcements

The Madison Youth Project online government classes are starting this week. One class is included in the price of a membership ($25). Get the details here. The syllabus for the Elements of Freedom class dovetails very nicely with the Tapestry of Grace Government course at the rhetoric level. That's the one my son will be taking.

On another note, I'm taking a blogging break to decide where to go from here. I never planned on blogging past the four posts on Huckabee and Homeschooling, but as new information about HSLDA and Huckabee became available I didn't feel I could ignore it. So I went a bit longer than I originally thought.

If I don't come back before February 2, you can hear me in a live (via phone) radio interview with Phyllis Shlafley at 10AM (EST). She has invited me to talk about homeschooling and education reform. I've admired Phyllis Schlafly and her work at Eagle Forum for many years, it is truly an honor to get to talk with her on her show. Here's the link.

I'd like to thank to Robin Sampson at Heart of Wisdom for awarding me an Excellent Blogger Award for my recent blogging. Since I'm taking a blogging break, here are a few excellent blogs that deserve an Excellent Blogger Award and have contributed information and insight on education and/or the election that are definitely worth a read.

Principled Discovery
Home Where They Belong
Ned Ryun at Madison Project
Corn and Oil
Home Education Magazine Editors Blog and their News blog.
Ned Ryun at Madison Project
Consent of the Governed
God-O-Meter (Watch for a Ron Paul interview this week)
I Heart Huckabee (Founders of Huck's Army)
The Brody File

There's a saying my pastor often repeats,
"If you always do what you always did, you'll always be what you always were."
Change is obviously a part of life. I'm trying to figure out how I apply this to blogging. A part of me thoroughly enjoys sharing information and challenging myself and others and wants to keep doing what I always did. But that doesn't mean I should keep doing it! If only God made more hours in the day, then I'd have time to be both an excellent mom and an excellent blogger!

Speaking of change, that's one thing all the candidates seem to agree on, "It's time for a change."

I have to say, I think You Tube videos have been the best change to Presidential politics, feel free to share your personal favorite.

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