Monday, January 14, 2008

Am I A One Issue Voter?

I've received quite a few emails from readers who want to remind me that there is more to a choosing a President than his homeschool/education record and for many that issue is the pro-life issue. Here's one note I received today,

As Important as the Education Issue is on the ballot, LIFE, is STILL by far, the most important one, and will remain the most important one. These homeschoolers are doing what everybody else in the country is doing, nitpicking. There is NO perfect candidate. Do we vote for the candidate who fully supports the homeschooler and rejects the one world education through the UN, and who is also not totally protective of LIFE; or do we vote for the one who doesn't support the homeschooler, allows the one world education, yet He vows to protect Life from conception to natural death. I'm NOT confused. I KNOW who to vote for. YOU SHOULD TO.

Pray harder, stay away from your friends and your blogs and let your God speak to

God Bless YOU!

And this was one of the nicer emails! I'm not a one issue voter, but this is a one issue blog. Just because I blog about education and homeschooling doesn't mean I don't take other issues into account or less seriously. I'm just not as knowledgable on those issues and so rather than make a complete fool of myself by offering an opinion on something I know little to nothing about I stick to topics I know best.

National Right to Life has put together a comparison chart of all the candidates and where they stand on the life issue. Based on this list, and the candidates websites, there appear to be several candidates whose stand for the life of the unborn is strong, not just one. Hunter, Thompson, Paul, and Huckabee all strongly support protecting the life of the unborn child, Romney appears to be pro-life but he has come to that conclusion more recently and that's why he is lower on my list. So while I can appreciate that this reader and others have made up their mind based on this issue alone, I see several candidates whose position on the sanctity of life is one I could support. And for those who think that Huckabee has distinguished himself from the others by his support of a human life amendment, I addressed that issue specifically in an earlier post, How does Huckabee Define Always? Until recently, Huckabee believed the sanctity of life was a state's rights issue very similar to the position of Thompson and Paul. Read the post if you would like more details.

(For those who are curious, I will be writing about the Defending the Dream Summit and the progress I've made towards a decision in tomorrow's primary in another post, but I've wanted to address this topic for a while and today's email prompted me to finally write about it. But for those that are thinking McCain is doing well with conservative Republicans, here's a taste of his reception at the summit)

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