Saturday, December 22, 2007

Iowa homeschoolers are you open to hearing another opinion?

Here's a VERY informed opinion on Mike Huckabee by Ned Ryun that supports exactly what many here have been saying -- Mike Huckabee is bad news for conservative homeschoolers. Ned Ryun says, I’m not an Elitist and I don’t Like Huckabee. (Note: Please read his bio after you read this quote.)
"I just find it somewhat humorous and frightening all at once that the homeschoolers are supporting him; he’s playing them. When I saw his “floating cross” ad, and other materials coming out of the Huckabeee campaign, I thought, “He’s playing the evangelical bumpkin card.” He assumes, and sadly enough, rightfully so, that if you say Jesus, Christ, God, show the cross, and on every occasion use terms of faith, then you can win the evangelical vote. But go back to where he actually stands, not what he’s saying. If evangelicals insist on ignoring the other issues, like the fact that he’s a foreign policy light weight, he welcomes and appreciates increasing taxes and government, etc., and want to focus on the social issues, then ask does he still think the same way about Lawrence v. Texas and why does the NH NEA feel so strongly about him? So far, the Huckster’s manipulation of the evengelicals in Iowa is working. As Ann Coulter rather bitingly said, Huckabee’s followers are easily led.
Who is Ned Ryun and why should we care what he has to say? Here's his bio....

A former presidential writer for George W. Bush and son of sitting U.S. Congressman Jim Ryun, Ned Ryun is the Director of the Generation Joshua program, a division of Home School Legal Defense Association. Ned also directs the HSLDA Federal Political Action Committee. After earning degrees in English and History from the University of Kansas, Ned coauthored Heroes Among Us with his father and his twin brother, Drew. Ned and his wife Becca reside in Northern Virginia with their son Nathaniel.

The views expressed on this blog are solely those held by Ned Ryun and do not necessarily represent the views of his current or previous employers.

I realize that Ned Ryun is speaking personally and does not speak for HSDLA, but his analysis definitely makes you wonder what's going on at HSLDA? Iowa homeschoolers are you listening?

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