Friday, December 28, 2007

Huckabee and HSLDA

In my last post, I mentioned Ned Ryun's statement concerning Mike Huckabee. He's updated his blog to reflect that he is no longer at HSDLA. He had some very interesting things to say,
My web designer is on a month long honeymoon, and I’m behind on updating my blog profile. I think some people thought I was still at HSLDA. I am not at HSLDA anymore, folks, and have to say, thank God. Dissent is not allowed in Mike Farris’ world, as was demonstrated last year at PHC (a travesty, and BTW, the professors accused of not being Christians, etc. were all cleared by their churches of any wrongdoing; I could blog on that issue for awhile, and maybe I will in the future). If I was still at HSLDA blogging like I have been, I would have probably either been told to stop or risk being fired. So I hate to disappoint some who think that freedom of thought and conscience are allowed at HSDLA. I was still at HSLDA when HSLDA-PAC endorsed Huckabee, but even though I was the PAC director at the time, was not informed of the endorsement until after the fact. I actually laughed when I was informed of it. I brought up the fact that we do not endorse in primaries unless there is a clear-cut conservative vs. liberal match-up. I was told by Mike Smith, President of HSLDA, that these were extraordinary circumstances, which I heard as really meaning Smith and the HSLDA board members lacked the courage to say no to Farris. As has been clearly documented by Spunky Homeschool, HSLDA has condemned Huckabee’s anti-homeschool legislation in the past, and yet now endorses him because . . . I think HSLDA members need to ask, Is the defense of homeschooling still the priority for HSLDA, or are there other things that are priority? And really, what are membership dues being used for?
Why did HSDLA-PAC endorse Huckabee and not tell their director until after the fact? There's clearly something odd going on at HSLDA. Ned Ryun may have left HSDLA, but his courage and willingness to stand up and ask "why" is the hallmark of most homeschoolers I know. We don't accept something just because...

So I'll join in with Ryun and ask, is the defense of homeschooling still the top priority of HSDLA? And if so, why did their PAC endorse a candidate who clearly opposes the very things that they exist to defend?

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