Saturday, December 22, 2007

Huckabee and the endorsements

I've received quite a few emails asking why HSDLA-PAC endorsed Huckabee. Since I'm not affiliated with HSDLA in any way, I obviously cannot answer that. I did talk with an HSDLA representative at length a few weeks ago and I hoped to write a bit more about that, but it will have to wait until after Christmas.

In the meantime, The National Review's Jonathan Adler noticed the NEA endorsement of Huckabee and wonders the same thing I did in my first post on Huckabee and homeschoolers.
"It seems to me there are some strange bedfellows among Huckabee's supporters. For instance, he's reportedly received significant support from the home-schooling community. Given his evangelical roots, this is understandable. Yet Huck was also endorsed by the New Hampshire NEA affiliate (which also endorsed Hillary on the Dem side), largely because the teachers' unions see Huck as the least supportive of vouchers and other school choice initiatives. Last I checked, teachers' unions were also the biggest opponents of home-schooling, advocating various regulatory measures that make home-schooling more difficult. If both groups are enthusiastic about Huck, my question is which group understands who they're really backing, and which is being taken for a ride?
You know what I think, but I'm interested in your answer. Who's being taken for a ride the NEA or the homeschoolers?

Crunchy Con author and former homeschool dad Rod Dreher chimes in and thinks it's possible that neither is being taken for a ride. He bases his argument on Huckabee's stand on school vouchers. I offered some thoughts in his comments. I'll add more after the holdidays.

Merry Christmas

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