Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Post Blog Update

Thank you to those who have written and asked how I'm doing and for the nomination in the Homeschool Blog Awards. I'm glad to see the awards continue, Heather and crew are doing an excellent job!

As for me, life is good and I'm doing well.

The article from the Washington Post, Pearls before breakfast speaks volumes about how we live our lives. (It's long but read the whole article.)

When I was blogging, in my busyness, I was beginning to miss the "music" that was all around me. I am hearing it once again AND I have the time to stop and listen. It isn't Joshua Bell, but my own children playing their instruments, singing while on a swing, or the "music" of the mixing bowls clanging as we bake bread together. It's all music and I don't want to miss another note.


Update on blog awards: Heather one of the administrators for the awards just found out she has a brain tumor. Please pray for her and the family during this difficult time. You can read more details here.