Saturday, December 16, 2006

Out With A Bang

The 2006 Weblog Awards

Thank you to all who have been voting for SpunkyHomeschool in the Wizbang Awards for Best Educational Blog. It was an enjoyable challenge to see if a homeschool mom with a defunct blog, could beat a college professor and noted author. The banter was all in good fun. I hold no ill will toward Mr. Berube or his readers. I would like to congratulate Michael Berube for his hard fought victory.

Unfortunately, there was some cheating by zealous but misguided supporters on both sides in this contest. I suspected that was happening on Thursday when Michael Berube had nearly a 200 point lead which collapsed in less than half an hour. This was NOT caused by multiple people voting in the same house on different computers on the same day. This was done by voters from eight IP's casting 967 votes in two days. The moderator of the awards discovered the cheating, adjusted the votes, and banned the IP's. I was docked 967 votes and Mr. Berube 480. The voting continued until midnight without any more problems. Please don't blame my loss on his decision to delete votes. No system is perfect. Ken Aylward at Wizbang ran a fine contest. I accept the outcome and thank Ken and the team at Wizbang for running a first-class contest.

Thank-you to all bloggers who posted announcements about the awards on my behalf. Your contribution kept Spunky Homeschool in the race. I appreciate your encouragement and support.

I would like to extend a special thank-you to The Rebelution. Alex and Brett Harris created the above banner, rallied the teen blogosphere, and took some heat for supporting me and SpunkyHomeschool. Throughout the week, they consistently conducted themselves with respect and dignity. Their attitude and actions stand out as a shining example to all in the blogosphere.

Thanks again to all for your encouragement, comments, and emails.

Update: US News & World Report's blog, Paper Trail picks up on the blog awards.


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