Friday, December 01, 2006

The Nativity - ACLU Style

You gotta love the creativity of the Young Conservatives at the University of Texas. An ACLU Nativity Scene is to be displayed next week on campus to raise awareness about the progressive elimination of Christmas in the public square.
"We've got Gary and Joseph instead of Mary and Joseph in order to symbolize ACLU support for homosexual marriage, and of course there isn't a Jesus in the manger," said Chairman Tony McDonald. "The three Wise Men are Lenin, Marx, and Stalin because the founders of the ACLU were strident supporters of Soviet style communism. The whole scene is a tongue-in-cheek way of showing the many ways that the ACLU and the far left are out of touch with the values of mainstream America."

The scene will also display a terrorist shepherd and an angel in the form of Nancy Pelosi.
Speaking of the nativity, are you planning on seeing The Nativity Story? It opened today around the country.

Al Mohler said it was "in season and on message." but it received mixed reviews here. The Daley Plaza, a Chicago marketplace won't show film clips on the grounds that it is too "commercial," but a public high school in Fairfax showed the movie in the school's theatre in the evening with the blessing of the ACLU. This stuff can get so confusing.

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