Monday, December 04, 2006

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News from the Internet,
Florida dad, John Daynard, has decided to give up his job teaching art in the public schools to teach his own children at home,
He left his job as a Pinellas County teacher and pulled his sons out of public school because he found the environment chaotic, even threatening, he says. In his short stint as a Pinellas County elementary teacher, Daynard says he saw a student take off her clothes and streak, another slam a student against a wall. If he intervened, he was chastised for not following policy, he says. But he also failed to follow the credo of teachers everywhere: Don't whine. Deal.
His wife now works the night shift so he can homeschool their two children. (HT: Izzy)

Thankfully, they live in the United States where they are allowed to homeschool. Germany just said "no" to a homeschooling family. It is so very sad and it makes my previous post Schools for the 21st Century even more important to read and think about. (HT: Dewey's Treehouse)

And while you ponder schools of the 21st century what do you think about gender-neutral schools? How are schools supposed to handle children who are not sure if they are boys or girls? The New York Times is looking at Supporting Boys or Girls When the Line Isn't Clear.

At the Park Day School in Oakland, teachers are taught a gender-neutral vocabulary and are urged to line up students by sneaker color rather than by gender. "We are careful not to create a situation where students are being boxed in," said Tom Little, the school's director. "We allow them to move back and forth until something feels right."
A society segregated by color, that's so much more appropriate. "I have a dream, that one day children will not be judged by the color of their sneakers, but the content of their character." If these were my kids, the whole school wouldn't feel right to me. (My humble apologies to Martin Luther King.)

News from my e-mail,
Judy Aron, a frequent commenter here a Spunky Homeschool has informed me that she has started her own blog, Consent of the Governed. She's a wonderful homeschool advocate and a great addition to the blogosphere. Welcome Judy!

Blogger Shannon Entin emailed letting me know that she will be on BlogTalkRadio Tuesday evening at 10 pm ET discussing homeschooling. It's a call in show, so if you're available she'd love to hear from you. (My children are at orchestra until 10 so I'm not sure if I'll get to listen or not.)

News from my mailbox,
Blogger and homeschool dad Steve Sensenig's new CD, Christmas Solitude, arrived this weekend. It is absolutely beautiful. Our whole family enjoyed listening to the familiar songs of Christmas played in Steve's warm and inspiring style.

Ann Voskamp sent me a copy of her book, The Glorious Coming. It is a great Advent devotional leading up to Christmas Day. We're a few days late, but we plan to start our Jesse Tree today.

A heartfelt thanks to Steve and Ann for their unsolicited generosity.

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