Saturday, November 18, 2006

Truancy & Homeschooling

The US hasn't quite risen to the level of the nursery rhyme police but we may get there yet. Truancy seems to be the crisis "du jour" in education and homeschoolers may be a target. Here's a few examples,

To help curb truancy Mississippi wants to regulate homeschoolers.

Mississippi's school chief said he wants homeschooling organizations to help craft says to ensure homeschooled students are truly being educated.State Superintendent of Education Hank Bounds called some situations "child abuse."

"We want you to enjoy the freedom you have for homeschooling," he said. "But you must realize we all have this moral and ethical responsibility to deal with those situations where clearly it's nothing more than a child abuse situation when parents pull their children out of school, say they're being homeschooled just because parents ... don't want to be involved in the education of their children," he said

Don't they already have child abuse laws in Mississippi ? And from Fresno, CA comes this truancy story.

"Truancy is a gateway to juvenile delinquency and truancy is an early warning sign of drug use, teen pregnancy and educational failure which comes by way of expulsion, or just dropping out of school due to truancy issues."

Ricci Ulrich, Deputy Principal Buchanan High School, says,"So, it could be the student that is skipping school, it could be a child that is giving the parents a lot of difficulty, and unfortunately it can be the parent who is keeping the child at home." (emphasis added)

Philadelphia, no friend to homeschoolers, wants to start mandatory parenting classes for "truant parents" to get wayward children back in the classroom, including home visits.

When the government attempts to "fix" a problem they helped create, watch out - a loss of our freeedom is on the horizon. Too many news stories are using truancy, neglect, and homeschooling in the same paragraph for my comfort.

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