Saturday, November 04, 2006

Recruiting Homeschoolers

Due to declining enrollment this school district (and many others) are looking for ways to recruit homeschoolers back into the government school system.
The school board should decide to first attempt to reach out to the children who live within the district boundaries and are home schooled and then those who live within and without the district who attend private school.
Edspresso applauds the effort, but I agree with Daryl's comment.

G-schools should not be in the 'business' of attempting to recruit homeschoolers. We know you exist. (Big) If we decide to enroll our kids, we'll know where to find you.
But what I want to know is, why is declining enrollment a problem for a government entitlement program? That just means that parents are affluent enough or willing to make some other financial sacrifices and choose another avenue for education. Why do they feel the need to attract us back into the system we don't need or want?

State involvement in education was started under the premise that "free" education was necessary because the poor were not getting an adequate education necessary to perpetuate a democracy. Declining enrollments for whatever reason should not be a threat to the schools, they should be thankful they are becoming unncessary.

Dream on, I know. Educators and government beaucrats will never think that way.

The machine of public education has gotten too big, powerful, and lucrative. They NEED us to NEED them. When we proved to them we could do it without them, they started to recruit us back into the system. (They're doing the same thing to the Amish with food stamps.)

The public schools are NOT a business selling a product. We are NOT a potential customer. In the real world, customers pay AFTER they decide to make the purchase not before. The public schools are a service offered by the government at tax payer expense to those who choose to use it. If the service is no longer needed by some, why can't they just accept it and scale back their services and save the taxpayers some money? We all know the answer...

...because it's not about education, it's about perpetuating the machine and retaining control.

In a related story, a government "trick or treat" program in Alaska is another way they are trying to get homeschoolers back into the government system. Homeschool pioneer Samuel Blumenfeld takes a closer look at a growing rift between homeschoolers there. Some homeschoolers are willing to take government cash in exchange for "free" goodies and others want to remain totally independent of the state. Once again, it's all about the money - to the tune of $16 million in added revenue all because homeschoolers are willing taking the freebies.

Taking the treat now, will lead to government tricks in the future. I'm not buying it.

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