Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Homeschooling: What's Next?

Home Education Magazine has an article in their new issue, Credentials for Homeschoolers: Problem or Opportunity?
"But you won't have a regular diploma or other credentials!" Such thoughts, Observations, or accusations have occurred or been delivered to many homeschoolers at some point or another. At first, it might seem to be a disadvantage to homeschooling. After all, aren't solid, widely-recognized credentials necessary for college, employment, and various other activities young adults want to do? Won't grown homeschoolers be handicapped and miss out on important opportunities if they don't somehow manage to get such credentials?
This information will definitely be helpful to us as we think about our options for our older children and planning their next steps.

If you haven't already seen it, Massachusetts Institute of Technology has an article on college admissions at MIT and homeschoolers. They also offers OpenCourseWare, free online college courses. I browsed around a bit and came upon a chemistry course that assigned a reading titled, "Death by Chocolate." We'll be starting chemistry soon, I may have to make this course a requirement. They even have the MIT Laboratory for Chocolate Science. Where were these courses when I was in school? By the way, you do not receive college credit for the courses, but they may help advanced high school students in preparation for college.

Speaking of what's next, it's not just the child's life that is changing but the parents too, especially the mother. I'd like to hear from a few mothers who have completed their "formal" homeschooling years with their children. What are you doing now? Did you go back to work? Are you helping other homeschoolers? Do you have grandchilren that are now being homeschooled? I'd love to hear from you. Your story could be part of an article I'm writing for possible publication.

People often assume that I'll just go back to work when I'm done homeschooling? Why would I want to do that? And lose all that good blogging time, guilt-free while I get a masters in chocolate science! Not on your life!

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