Friday, November 10, 2006

Help Break The Record

for the most people reading aloud simultaneously in multiple locations.
On Wednesday, December 13, 2006, at 12 noon (EST), you are invited to join students, educators, librarians and fans of Charlotte's Web who will gather in schools, hospitals, libraries and community centers to read a passage from E. B. White's classic tale of friendship, kindness, selfless giving and miracles. It is our hope that "Break a World Reading Record with Charlotte's Web" will introduce this wonderful story to a new generation and reintroduce the story to fans who haven't read it since childhood.
The project support manager for Walden Media, John Seel, emailed and asked me to spread the word about this event. He said,

This is a tremendous opportunity to showcase the clout of homeschooling and its strong commitment to reading and great books.I'm of the opinion that homeschoolers could single-handedly break this record on their own! Vivat domesticus schola!

Having this on a school day will probably break the record even without homeschoolers, but it's a great marketing strategy. And John's enthusiastic support of homeschoolers is wonderful. If you participate, when you register, just indicate you are a homeschooler and they will keep a tally of the number of homeschooled participants.

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