Friday, November 24, 2006

Friedman on freedom, education, and homeschooling

Nobel prize-winning economist, Milton Friedman died Novemeber 16 at the age of 94. In a previous interview, he talked about the power of economic freedom, education and homeschooling. I thought it would be fitting as many of us get ready to catch the "Black Friday" bargains.
On economic freedom:
In the United States today, the average individual, whoever he is, works from Jan. 1 to the middle of June or late June to provide funds that the government controls.

That is to say, government at one level or another, federal state or local -- directly through spending and taxes and indirectly through rules, regulations and mandates -- controls half the national income and can determine how that is spent.

We're 50 percent socialist. Now, is that half freedom or half slavery? Neither of those statements would be wrong: we're partly free and we're partly enslaved.

On Public Education:
Why should government run the schools of the country? There's no more reason for government to run the schools then there is for government to produce the automobile. And the schools are low quality on the average, just as automobiles would be of low quality if government produced them.

On homeschooling:
[T]he fact that [homeschooling] is a form of competition shows how bad our schools are. Can you think of any other sophisticated product in which the home-made product is superior to the factory-made product?

Enjoy shopping today with the remaining 50% of your hard earned income. In regards to Mr. Friedman's last question and in deference to my children, home-made cards and gifts are far superior to any factory-made product they could ever buy for me.

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