Saturday, November 25, 2006

Did anyone watch Dr. Phil?

The Great School Debate on Dr. Phil aired yesterday. I was busy most of the day and didn't plan on watching the show. (Not shopping, I have more sense than that! I was visiting with a very special friend.)

Unschooler Dayna, the guest that Dr. Phil criticized for her method of homeschooling, left a comment on my blog earlier this week. Here's part of what she said,

To me, Dr. Phil's questions and beliefs just represent and speak for the greater majority of our culture. It was so amazing to be able to share this perspective, even in the face of adversity!

Honestly, it was exhilarating and I really enjoyed the actual experience because I enjoy debating something that I am so passionate about, my children and the respect that they and other children deserve in life. Regardless of Dr. Phil's opinion, I feel that by being on the show we helped to get some gears turning toward change. Baby steps. The first reaction to a new idea is adversity. I did my best to smile in the face of it because I trust the process. Acceptance of our lifestyle will slowly brighten our culture.

You can read her whole comment here.

Here are a few snippets of thought from bloggers who watched the show:

Valerie at
"But my true disappointment in Dr. Phil today is that they are using the same old arguments against homeschooling: socialization and teacher qualifications. Apparently there is mysterious research that "they" did that says that kids who are homeschooled past 8th grade are not socialized well....Show me the research."

Four Willows Christian Academy
"I particularly disliked the last segment. There was a 26 year old woman who claimed to be "socially retarded" because she was homeschooled. From what was aired, it seemed to me that she didn't have a problem with socializing, rather she was mad because she didn't have a chance to be a cheerleader. It made no sense. She didn't seem to be the least bit shy or uncomfortable."

Christine at the Thinking Mother
"My own opinion as an experienced homeschooling mother is...The show was not as bad as I imagined it could have been..."

Did you watch?

Update 11/27: Leland and Kathie Fleming at Homeschooling Radio devoted today's discussion to the Great School Debate. You can listen here. (Note: The intro is long.)

(In my post earlier this week, I had a round-up of links from various audience members and guests giving their perpsective prior to Friday's broadcast.)

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