Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Dear Spunky

A letter from my inbox,
I came across your overflowing blog while I was searching the Internet for a preschool curriculum. I have a very high functioning Autistic son on my hands who will soon be entering a Preschool system. He acts and looks like a typical preschooler. Right now we are fortunate enough to have several therapists who come to our home to aid in his general education. That will stop in 2 weeks when he turns into a big 3 year old little boy. He will then move into the public school system for preschool. It will only be 4 days a week for 2 hours. I am looking to supplement his schooling here at home. I can not decide if there is too much info out there or not enough information on a preschool curriculum. Where do I begin? I've done the play dough and coloring and sorting until I am blue in the face. He whizzes through everything. I am now in search of a serious way to teach him. Any books or web sites you have can think of would greatly help me.

Thank you for your time, Spunky!
You can check out my previous entry, What about Preschool? In that post I mention a website called Preschoolers and Peace that offered loads of suggestions for preschool.

If anyone would like to share their tips on preschool, or teaching an autistic child, please do.

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