Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Contests, Carnivals, and Christmas

The entries in the Tapestry of Grace contest are rolling in. I'm inspired and motivated just reading them. Now to start doing them! Deadline to enter is Friday at midnight. Click here to enter.

The Carnival of Homeschooling is up at Why Homeschool. I'll be taking my turn and hosting next week. Send your submission to by Monday at 6PM and you'll be in.

Lindsey has started Christmas blog called Advent for Evangelicals. To kick of the season, she's giving away a free copy of Ann Voskamp's book The Glorious Coming - A Jesse Tree Advent Celebration. I'm looking forward to reading all the ideas for the Christmas season.

Finally, since this post is all about blogs. In ONE word, tell me what a blog is. If no one gets it, I'll give the correct answer later today. (And there is only one correct answer.)

It's now officially later today,
For those of you who answered "weblog"....

Well yeah, but that's like saying a bike is a bicycle. You haven't really said what it is.

A blog, is a portmanteau. It's a what? Here I'll say it again slowly, port-man-teau.
A word formed by merging the sounds and meanings of two different words, as chortle, from chuckle and snort.
Lewis Carroll used them liberally in his writings. Email would be another example. It combines electronic with mail. We had a lot of fun the other day trying to make up new words by combining two existing words. The idea came from the book, From Reader to Writer by Sarah Ellis. Try thinking up a new word for the combination of ketchup and mustard. "Ketchard" anyone? How about someone who is hungry and thirsty at the same time? You can ask, "Are you thirsgry?"

Then there's the word formed by combining public with school? (I'll leave that to your own imagination.)

Oh, the things I wouldn't learn if I didn't homeschool and you didn't read my blog. Just consider this part of your Spunkucation.

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