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Carnival of Homeschooling

Welcome to the Carnival of Homeschooling - Library Edition. As most homeschoolers know, the library is a valuable resource and for many indispensible in their children's education. The library edition of the carnival is just as helpful in your pursuit of excellence in home education.

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100's : Family and Relationships

101 - A Dusty Frame shares how her incarcerated husband is involved with homeschool.

102 -Lindsey at Just Enjoy the Journey answers the question, "How do you do it with little ones under foot?"

103 - Scott Somerville talks about how every conflict gives us an opportunity to grow in his post, conflict is an opportunity.

104 - Tia shares a humorous story about how a tire lessson was learned...by the wrong child.

105 - Janice at All In a Day's Work, listens in on a conversation between her two daughter's as they are playing with their dolls.

200's Homeschooling Information

201 - Carol of Homeschool CPA talks about how many homeschool groups hire teachers as independent contractors. She asks the qusetion, should they really be classified as employees? Group leaders need to be aware of the IRS's crackdown on misclassification of workers. Here is one homeschool group's story.

202 - Sarah at SmallWorld is discussing the what it's like to be a support group leader. She says, it's hard to be a support group leader. People will always complain. Take some time to say "thanks" to your support group's leaders this week: you can't imagine what an encouragement just that one word can be!

203 - Janine Cate at Why Homeschool talks about how new research shows the effects of academic pressure on the development and well being of children. She also highlights a really scary recommendation to fix the problem.

204 - Kathrine at No fighting, no biting, reviews the book Overachievers. She talks how reading about these public school students makes her glad she homeschools. Touches on motivation for homeschooling.

205 - Gena Suarez takes a look at the textbook situation in California and warns, As California Goes, So Does the Nation.

300's Homeschooling Inspiration

301 - Lady Why says that homeschooling educates the parents and the children. She presents the Top 10 Things I Love About Homeschooling!

302 - Melissa Wiley presents My Rule of Six and Whence It Came posted at The Lilting House.

303 - Barbara Frank at The Imperfect Homeschooler shares an inspiring story about how an incredibly devoted homeschool mom raises a daughter who does her proud.

304 - Alasandra talks about the celebration they did with their homeschool group (PEAK). Complete with picture album.

305 - So far, many aspects have been positive in the homeschool "experiment" at Pass the Torch. But Kelly has also discovered that sometimes schoolwork kicks you in the teeth. She describes the past week's frustrations in "Just when I thought I knew what I was doing."

306 - Christine at the Thinking Mother compares the homeschoolers in her competitive academic challenge teams to the infamous Mr. Bender's 8th grade public schoolers Science Olympiad teams.

307 - Spunky shares a message from Voddie Baucham, "Education: The Lost Key To Discipleship." A lively and on going discussion takes place in the comment box.

400's Homeschooling Academics

401 - Mama Hen shares her lesson plans as she teaches a writing class for the first time--and you can visit her class's blog!

402 - Terri from Knowledge Quest shares a list of her very favorite free geography websites. If these games are played often and these resources tapped into and used, your students will gain tremendous knowledge and retention in the realm of geography (SO WILL YOU!). And it will be painless! That is the part I love! Have fun!

403 - One Beggar's Bread has designed a mini unit study based on the book Loud Emily in the style of Five In A Row.

404 - Angela of Homeschool Hacks shares tips and resources for teaching teens about money.

405 - Maribel at APMFormulators.com discusses how serial questioners learn through continuous installments of learning at home through “Questioning”.

406 - Denise at Let's Play Math shows us how to help students solve story problems with simple algebra or bar diagrams. The article features sample problems based on the book Mr. Popper's Penguins.

407 - Angelheart explores tips on teaching spelling and a bit of Christmas cheer at home and at her homeschool coop.

408 - Julee Huy tells how "circle time" helps her family accomplish quite a bit of learning in a short amount of time.

409 - At Semicolon, Sherry Early and her daughter review some books they have read in their study of Korea

410 - Kim at Shoelaces demonstrates the law of inertia in Science and the Great Egg Whap!

500's Homeschooling Culture and Customs

501 - Deborah writes about her family's discovery of Reformation Day. They decided to celebrate it with a Reformation Party in place of Holloween.

502 - Mama Squirrel presents "Pizza with the works" curriculum posted at Dewey's Treehouse.

503 - Kathleeen Park shares some gorgeous photos and fun the Chrysanthemum Festival.

504 - Beverly at About Homeschooling Thanksgiving craft and history ideas.

505 - Writer and artist, Jill Novak shares some spicy Autumn leaves.

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