Tuesday, October 10, 2006

"Stop Reading Your Bible in School"

That's what one seventh grade student was told by her school principal.
"Amber's a new Christian, and she's trying to learn all she can," said Maryann Mangum, the girl's mother. "She reads her Bible and she goes to Sunday school. . . . It really upset me when she was not allowed to read it on her own time."
After unsuccessfully trying to resolve the issue with the principal, the family has filed a lawsuit through the Rutherford Institute.
The institute's president, John W. Whitehead, said yesterday that the law is clear and that Amber's rights were violated. He said the lawsuit does not specifically seek monetary damages but rather that a judge declare that students cannot be barred from reading the Bible during free time at school.
Why would any school object to a child reading the Bible on her own time? If Harry Potter is okay in the library, shouldn't the Bible be allowed in the lunch room too? Why do we need a court case to decide this? Two words - outsourcing parenthood.

This is the kind of absurdity that occurs when the state begins to believe it has the compelling interest in our children's lives.

(Thanks to reader Luis for the tip.)

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