Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The Shadow Of Death

"Mommy today is a sad day." said my three year old Elaina.

"Why is that?" I reply.

"Look, the trees are all crying. " (She points out the window as the leaves drop by the barrel to the ground.)

I try to explain to her that the leaves are dying but the life of the tree will continue. I don't think she really understood. In time, she will.

But it is a sad day. And not just because it is fall and winter is only two days away.

My dearly beloved Dell has died. Born in the fall of 2001 in a small home with too many kids, Dell lived a good and quiet life for many years. That is until January of 2005, when blogging jolted her peaceful existence into a fenzy of hard labor. Dell tried hard to keep up. But as the family blogging empire grew, the wear on poor Dell became obvious. Amazingly, Dell never complained. She handled the daily beatings like a war hardened Marine.

Suddenly, last week, she developed a nasty cough. A virus was supposed. The family called world renowned Dr. Norton, but his diagnosis was unclear. Desperate for answers, an expert surgeon was called in and the family began praying for a miracle. Skillfully, the surgeon peered through the window of her soul and discovered a corrupted artery deep in her bowels. After a transplant and a necessary transfusion of software, sweet little Dell arrived safely back in the lap of her family. But the rejoicing was short lived. Today, a fatal error flashed across the screen. After two abrupt coughs and a heavy sigh, the screen went blank. Without warning she was gone. Frantically, the surgeon was summoned again in the hopes that he could perform CPR on the aging CPU. With deep regret he informed the family that he could do no more without incurring a great expense. He dutifully informed the surviving relatives that if there were Universal Computer Care Coverage this would all be taken care and encouraged a call to Hillary Clinton. In a state of disbelief, the family politely thanked him for his suggestion and sent him on his way.

A private service will be held for the immediate family. Cremation will take place at the city dump next Tuesday. (Vital organs will be donated.) In place of flowers, the family is requesting donations be sent to your favorite charity in the name of SpunkyHomeschool. (However, if anyone has a spare computer sitting around, alternative arrangements can be made.)

Yes, it is a sad day. However, just like the trees of fall, the life of SpunkyHomeschool will continue. I may not understand how right now, but in time I know I will.

(Note: To avoid confusion for those who know my mom, it wasn't that Del.)

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