Thursday, October 26, 2006

Recess or Funding

A father is upset with his son's school. Why? After being enrolled just six weeks in the local public school, his son's behavior began to deteriorate.

As a normal everyday parent, I had no clue my child was not getting A behaviorally necessary, psychologically necessary and most of all medically necessary recess or long enough recess, throughout the school day at his new elementary school.

After enrollment, My child's behavior all of a sudden began to deteriorate over A period of about 6 weeks. He would constantly "Hyper-Up", Run In Place and just "Scream Out' on occasion. We finally figured it out by asking him what he did all day. He stated "THERE IS NO TIME TO PLAY WITH MY NEW FRIENDS AND MOST OF THE TEACHERS KEEP YELLING AT ME TO LISTEN AND FOLLOW DIRECTIONS - OR I WILL GET IN TROUBLE".


He appealed to the principal of the school for help geting recess back in the school. The principal agreed with his concern over recess but he was told,

the children simply do not have enough recess time, due to the large "Time Blocks" of subject study they can show to the state for additional funding.
Rather than choose what is best for the children, they choose what is best for the school - money.

After finally, "getting a clue," he has begun a national campaign to get recess put back in the schools. That's great. But in the meantime what happens to his son? He'll probably end up on Ritalin like so many other "normal" boys. But the pharmaceutical companies will be happy.

In a related article, Newsweek recently looked at The New First Grade: Too Much Too Soon?

(HT: Mommy Life for the recess site.)

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