Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Meet Me At The Police Station

Homeschoolers in North Carolina are asked to voluntarily meet with the Department of Non Public Education (DPNE) the police station. And they want you to bring the kids too! (Maybe this is their idea of a fun field trip.) Steve Sensenig blogged about the letter. It closes with the statement,
We greatly appreciate the North Carolina home schooling community's cooperation in meeting with us and look forward to hearing from you within the next ten days.
They wouldn't be hearing from me. This is absurd! Marie asks a great question, why does any state need a department of non public education? I also agree with her when she said, knowing the law in your state will keep you from falling for such idiotic requests.

Update: Cobranchi gets the job done. DPNE agrees the idea was dumb.

In other news,

Robert Lindsey is wondering what's going on. There was a young man near his home who brought an AK-47 to school.

In a bit of good news, Abraham Cherrix believes he is cancer free and skips his chemo. He'll be coming home this week.

This is also a nice bit of news, more colleges are making the ACT or SAT optional.

Is penmanship "old school?" Here at Spunky's we still teach cursive. Do you?

Public speaking will never be "old school." Building on the principles of Charlotte Mason, Linda Fay explains how she teaches the art of elocution.

John Stossel is always worth a read. He's wondering what ever happened to personal responsibility?

Brent Bozell looks at the selective outgrage of some politicians when our children are involved.

Ms Magazine boasts about one of the worst forms of child abuse ever.

It used to be the parents job to make sure their kids graduated. Now we need to hire graduation coaches.

Kim reminds us that there are just a few days left. You don't want to miss your chance.

Carnival of Homeschooling is up at the Nerd Family.

Carnival of Education is up at Edwonks.

I finally have my computer back and I've blazed through my in-box of stuff. But my computer has a fatal defect so there's no telling how long it will live. If I've missed something or if you have something you think other readers need to know about, feel free to leave a comment. I still have a few email questions that need to be answered. I hope to get to those soon.

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