Tuesday, October 10, 2006

K-Dad Network

Did you know that attorney Scott Somerville has gone solo? He's left HSLDA and is now directing his attention full-time toward husbands and fathers. Homeschooling is a difficult job where much of the daily workload is shouldered by the mother. But homeschooling is not just "women's work." Scott hopes to encourage fathers to understand their vital role in homeschooling and raising a Godly family. He hopes to accomplish this through his work at Lampstand Press and also at his blog K-Dad Network. Today, he's spotlighted my post From Honeymoon to Happpy Home. (Thanks Scott!)

To find out why Scott called his blog K-Dad, click here.

Scott's wife, Marcia, is the author of our curriculum, Tapestry of Grace. They are continuing their public speaking together at various conferences around the country.

The Somerville's heart for encouraging homeschoolers is contagious. They have finished their "formal" homeschooling and have raised their six children well. Scott and Marcia now turn their focus on helping other families do the same. I have learned a great deal from them just by using Tapestry of Grace. I look forward to learning even more through Scott's blog. And maybe even find a way to coax these Virginia southerners to the great white north.

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