Friday, October 20, 2006

The Game of Tag

Tag is Out
Another elementary school has banned playing tag on the playground. along with "touch football and any other unsupervised chasing games over concerns about the risk of injury and liability for the school."

As I said once before, what can a child do on the playground that doesn't have the risk of injury? For that matter, everything in school has the potential for harm - from food poisoning in the cafeteria to riding the bus without a seat belt. Why stop at tag? For the good of the children, let's just ban public school.

Tag Is In
Another absurd educational decision comes from a Maryland high school where administrators are requiring students to wear color coded ID tags labeling them according to their academic interest and abilities... for seniors, white for magnet kids and a particularly loud shade of yellow for students of limited English proficiency.

By color-coding children, school officials hoped to build a sense of identity -- and security -- in a school whose students have been divided into several smaller learning communities: maroon for future scientists, purple for diplomats in training, dark blue for entrepreneurs and so forth.

Didn't segregation by color end years ago? How in the world does this help their sense of security? And what if a young lady has no desire for a career and wants to just stay home and raise a family? What was the color for that?

School Principal Phillip Gainous said he thought they were doing a "good thing." by advertising the children's status. The students thought otherwise of the new policy. One student said the new policy, "tags us like dogs."

He's absolutely right.

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