Monday, October 09, 2006

Federalization Is Not The Answer

So says Michael Smith, President of HSLDA in today's Washington Times,

In this era of globalization, the education debate has taken on new urgency. How are we going to compete globally if our public schools continue to produce poor quality students?

Moving the federal government into the role of educator in chief has no chance of improving the education standards of the nation's children. Our overall education policy has to change if we want our children to be literate and self-sufficient when they graduate from high school.

I'm glad to see HSLDA jumping into the fray on the important issue of national testing and reforms. The Times article itself isn't going to be new information to regular readers of this blog, but it is a decent summary of how things are moving toward federalized education.

He does have one quote without notation,
The research shows that the closer an education method resembles a home school, the better the results.
Does anyone know what research he is referring to? Or what sort of "results" were measured?

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